280 Watt Power System

20 Watt lighting system
20 Watt Lighting System

70 Watt lighting system
70 Watt Lighting System

280 Watt power system
280 Watt Power System

This solar photovoltaic system will provide mains quality electrical power throughout the year. The energy delivered daily is dependent on the location in which the system is installed; examples are given below:

Daily Watt-hours
Northern Europe280660
Southern Europe500960
Sub-Saharan Africa8401080

This system will provide lighting and electrical power for a small house where the energy requirement has been reduced to a minimum. As an example, 500 Watt-hours will illuminate 6 off 11 Watt low-energy light bulbs for 4 hours each, and leave 236 Watt-hours of energy for other appliances. Full instructions may be downloaded below.

Parts Required
70W Photovoltaic module4 off 70 Watt Module
30 Amp Controller 1 off 30 Amp Controller
100Ah Battery 2 off 100 Ah Battery
550W Inverter 550W Inverter
Download instructions Download full instructions
PDF Icon system280w.pdf (90K)