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26 February 2004

1) Wiring diagrams
2) Book update

1. Wiring Diagrams

One of the things that a lot of people search for on my website is wiring diagrams. With this in mind I've produced a couple of example schematics. One is for the type of simple lighting system which is commonly used in the developing world and the other is for a more complicated system which incorporates an inverter. You can find them at:

Hopefully these will help you out with where all the wires go if you're in any doubt.

2. Book Update

Once I'd uploaded the wiring diagrams I thought that they could usefully be incorporated into my "Solar Power Questions Answered" book. While I was there I made all the links work properly as well. If you want a new copy you can get it from:

While you're there feel free to give a copy to your friends or colleagues, or better still ask them to subscribe.

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