Solar Power Answers

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency saves you money. Where solar energy is concerned it saves even more money. These pages will get you to think about how much energy you use. Whether it's solar energy or not, you can reduce what you pay for electricity.

Energy Optimisation

Low energy light bulbs What do you think of when you hear about energy efficiency? Saving electricity of course. That's an important thing, but it's just as important to use the best energy source for each purpose. This is especially important if your electricity is generated by solar energy.

What's the right energy source? Well it depends on two things; what is needed and what's available. For example, if you have a source of logs then that might be the best energy source for heating your living room.

Before you think about which appliances or fittings you need, you need to pay attention to your energy usage patterns. Are you the sort of person who leaves the light on when you're out of a room? Do you leave the outside light on in daytime? Do you really need a huge upright freezer - if you eat all the stuff that's been in there for ages wouldn't a small chest freezer be adequate? Making simple changes to your lifestyle can be amongst the most effective energy saving strategies of all - and they needn't cost you a penny.

Appropriate Energy

The biggest gains are usually to be found in lighting. Using the right sort of lamps in the right places can pay dividends for anybody, but especially for solar energy users. Click here to select the right sort of lights for you.

Think about what you use for heating. Not just for space heating, but cooking and water heating as well. Solar power may be no use for heating, but you may find that solar energy could help. Find out more about heating here.

Refrigeration and other appliances need to be carefully considered to reduce energy use. It stands to reason that the fewer appliances you have the less energy you will use, but if there's something you have to have, then a little thought can make all the difference.

Now you understand all about energy efficiency, you can start to design your solar power system.